Five Tree Removal Tips To Keep in Mind

tree removalsAlthough it is considered as a last resort, tree removal is sometimes necessary. However, it should be safely and properly done as it can lead to injuries, damage or even death. If you want to perform the process yourself, then it is good that you adhere to some basic safety guidelines.

Keep in mind that tree removal is a complicated process and it needs to be treated as such. Therefore, you should know what to do and what not to do before doing tree removal. Here are 5 tips that will help you remove a tree safely.

Inspect the tree before starting
Do you want to remove the tree to make space for something else? Or want to remove a tree infected by ash borers? If the answer is a yes, then read on. However, if you want to remove a tree because it is dead, stop! Don’t be in a hurry to take down a tree.

In some cases, a tree may look beyond redemption but you should also remember that trees are complicated organisms and its removal should be an action of last resort. If you cannot determine whether a tree is alive or dead, then it may be wise to contact a trained arborist to help you examine the tree. Inspecting the tree will help you make a wise decision as you will be able to know whether it is necessary to do tree removal.

Ensure that you have the right equipment
Always avoid doing tree removal without the proper personal protective and tree removal equipment. Hire some of the best to help you get the job done right. Some of the most important personal protective equipment you should have include goggles, helmets and study work boots. Use earplugs to help protect your hearing, safety gloves to protect your hands and a visible vest which will make it easy for people to see that you are working.

Read all the directions for the equipment
If you are going to use heavy equipment to remove trees, limbs or stumps, then it is good that you read and follow the directions. This is mainly due to the fact that sharp equipment such as chainsaws can lead to serious injuries or even death if used improperly. Even ill-fitting personal protective equipment can cause harm.

Know what to avoid
You may think that you know how to remove a tree in a safe and efficient manner but you end up discovering that it is not the best way to remove a tree( For instance, you may not have considered the surrounding area or the physics of the job.

Never remove a grown tree with your tuck; I also recommend that you avoid using a truck to remove a stump. This is mainly because of the fact that improper tree removal can end up damaging your truck, your property and endangering yourself and others around you.climbing tree

If the tree you want to remove is near electric lines or buildings, then don’t do the job yourself. Just leave it to the experts as the risk is too great and you could lead to serious injuries, death or damage to your property and your neighborhood infrastructure.

If in doubt, look for an expert
As we said earlier, it is a good idea to contact an expert if the tree you want to remove is near buildings or electric lines. It is also good to contact an expert if you are not sure how to start the tree removal process.

Remember that tree removal is serious business and even one mistake can be costly or even life-altering. An expert knows how to remove a tree in the safest way possible and it is good that you contact them in case you don’t know what to do.